Domain Verification

A domain name is an identification of a company or a brand that you launch. It represents the service as a product that you provide to your users. The domain is a website name along with the extension. A domain name is used for various networking purposes. It can also help in addressing purposes. You can find many websites which offer domain name services, such as, WordPress, etc.

Businesses can claim ownership of the domain in the business manager without any editing of open graph markup tags on their website. Domain verification is a process that can help you to manage, edit, or transfer your link and content so that your content cannot get hacked and misused by other people.

How to check domain verification? 

Following are some steps you can follow to check domain verification.

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console by using your administrator account
  2. Go to the homepage. Manage domain if you find, and information is displayed.
  3. A domain name is verified.

Three Ways of Domain Verification

You can find three types of domain name verification options. The Facebook business manager does this. You need only one method for verification.
Following three verification option for a domain name:

HTML File Upload

Following are some steps to be followed if you want an HTML file upload method for your domain verification.

  1. First, download the HTML file.
  2. Upload the file into the root folder of your website
  3. Go back to the business manager 
  4. Click verify

By clicking the verification, your domain name is verified by the HTML file upload method.

Meta Tag verification

Another verification method for a domain name is meta tag verification. Following are some steps to followed while using meta tag verification:

  1. Firstly open your website homepage and look for the <head> in HTML code
  2. Add meta tag into the <head> in HTML code.
  3. Confirm the meta tag which is visible on your website homepage along with the HTML source code.
  4. Go back to the business manager and click verify. 

Now, this is the end of the process. You can verify by meta tag verification for your domain name.

DNC Verification

DNC verification is another domain name verification. Following are the steps to be followed for DNC verification of a domain name:

  1. Login to your domain registrar
  2. Go to the DMC setting page
  3. Enter the symbol @in the hostname field.
  4. You can paste the verification tax record mentioned in the business manager
  5. Go back to the business manager and click verify.


Domain name verification is essential because many people do not follow the proper protocols and procedures when engaging in the transaction process. The verification tool helps in the authenticity of actual ownership of the domain name because it can get questioned in the future. The selling and buying of the domain name are always in the process, and the tools and methods to verify each transaction always must be proceeded with caution.